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Waving riders in the RideLondon-Essex sportive

Sunday 28 May – Essex

Travelling during 2023 Ford RideLondon-Essex

We want you to be able to enjoy 2023 Ford RideLondon-Essex on Sunday 28 May safely and with minimum disruption to your everyday life. Key to this is planning your day and any journeys you need to make in advance.

As part of your planning, we ask you to consider the following questions – and if the answer to any is yes, your journey could be made easier:

  • Can you make your journey by public transport, bike or on foot rather than by car?
  • Can you be flexible about the time you make your journey?
  • Can you park outside the route prior to the road closures?

If making a journey is unavoidable, read the information below to find out how to get around.

  • All pavements and pedestrian areas will operate as usual during Ford RideLondon, so if you’re able to walk you should be able to get around more easily. You may even have the chance to stop to watch the events taking place, should you wish to.

  • While you can cross the Ford RideLondon routes on foot, for everyone's safety we ask that you only do so at designated pedestrian crossing points.
  • To cross the River Thames in central London during Ford RideLondon, please use either Blackfriars Bridge or London Bridge, which will be open throughout the event. You can also use the Rotherhithe Tunnel or Tube or rail services.
  • The M11, M25, A13, A406 and A120 will all operate as usual on Sunday 28 May. These roads in Essex create a ‘ring’ around the event and you can use them to get around the area – this may be particularly useful if you usually use the A414.

    Please be aware that during this time the A12 will be closed in London between Bow Roundabout and Redbridge Roundabout at the A406.
    • Emergency services are fully integrated into the planning process and delivery of all Ford RideLondon events
    • Emergencies occurring during the Ford RideLondon events will be treated as a priority in the usual way
    • Emergency services have full access to the Ford RideLondon event routes at any location and at any time
    • If you require the emergency services, call 999 as normal

If the above hasn’t helped, please check out the information below.

Plan ahead for 2023 Ford RideLondon-Essex

This page contains all the information you need to plan ahead for the visit of Ford RideLondon-Essex to Essex on Sunday 28 May. It includes:

  • Route maps – an interactive map showing the full Ford RideLondon-Essex route which you can scroll through to see the course, road closure times, vehicle crossing points (VCP) and community access plans
  • Community access plans – detailed information on how you can travel around key locations on the route
  • Road closure leaflets – downloadable information packs containing maps, detailed road closure times and other key updates
  • Vehicle Crossing Points – find out where you can cross the Ford RideLondon-Essex route and at what times
  • Contact us – get in touch with our team

2023 Ford RideLondon-Essex route map for residents

Click on the information buttons on the map below to see detailed community access plans and Vehicle Crossing Points (VCP) where available.

Community access plans

Click on the towns and villages below to find detailed information on how you can travel around these locations on Sunday 28 May.

  • To see the Chelmsford District community access plan, click here.
  • To see the Epping Forest District community access plan, click here.
  • To see the Ongar community access plan, click here.
  • To see the Uttlesford community access plan, click here.

Road closure details

To ensure the safe and smooth running of the 2023 Ford RideLondon-Essex event, road closures will be necessary in Essex and London from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 May.

Click below to download a leaflet that provides more information about the road closures in Essex on Sunday 28 May.

Interactive road closure map

Please zoom in to see details of the road closures on Sunday 28 May 2023.

To view the full map in a new browser, please click here.

Vehicle Crossing Points

Click below to find out where you can cross the Ford RideLondon-Essex route on Sunday 28 May and at what times.

Contact us