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RideLondon takes place from 27 to 29 May 2022. Find out more about the 100-mile ride!

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Charity places

  • How can charities get involved in the event from 2023 onwards?

    For 2023, 2024 and 2025, charities will be guaranteed the same number of places that they filled in 2022. From 2023 to 2025, these places can be rolled forward, for one year only. If you have not been involved in the 2022 event, it will be possible to purchase places for 2023 onwards and we’ll let you know more about this in due course... 

  • How much on average does a participant raise?

    The average amount raised in 2018 and 2019 was £800+ per participant, which is an ROI of more than 4.5:1.

  • How do we update our charity’s contact details?

    Please contact our Customer Services Team with the relevant information and we’ll action this for you.

  • When will I receive our console to allocate our charity places?

    You'll have received your console during the week commencing 24 January 2022. This was after the ballot for general entries closed on 20 January 2022, and before the announcement of the ballot results.

  • The event

  • Is it possible for visually impaired cyclists to take part?

    Yes, it is possible for visually impaired cyclists to take part in the RideLondon-Essex 100. They'll require a pilot cyclist to join them on a tandem, who will be allocated a free-of-charge place... 

  • Can our supporters take part on electric bikes?

    Yes, electric bikes are permitted when operated to a maximum output of 25kmph/250W, and where such assistance is only provided when the participant is pedalling.

  • What are the key dates for the 2022 event?

    Please click here for all the key charity dates for the 2022 RideLondon-Essex 100...

  • Will there be cut off times along the route?

    We’ll be announcing details of the cut off times for the RideLondon-Essex 100 closer to the event. In the meantime, as a guide, cut off times are usually based on a rider maintaining a regular pace to complete the course within eight hours...

  • Will there be a meet and greet point post-event?

    There is no designated meet and greet area at this year’s event. Instead, we recommend that charities meet their riders after they have exited the finish area, which will be around the Bermondsey Street junction with Tooley Street.

  • Where can I support our participants along the route?

    You are free to support your participants anywhere along the RideLondon-Essex 100 route. We’ll also be recommending a number of cheer points.

  • What types of bicycle can participants ride in the event?

    Please refer to our main RideLondon FAQs...

  • Can we transfer our RideLondon-Essex 100 charity places to the 30- or 60-mile events?

    No, you are unable to transfer your places to any other event. If you have supporters who would like to take part in the RideLondon-Essex 30 or 60, please encourage them to enter the general sale for these events and fundraise on your behalf.

  • We have a participant who needs a guide – where can I find information to help with this?

    If you have a participant who requires a guide for the event, please encourage them to get in touch with our Customer Services Team. We’re able to provide free guaranteed places to guides who are required to support participants for medical or other reasons.